Friday, 5 February 2010

Elvis loves you, baby

After a 2 year break from these rompers, I have finally gotten around to finishing them! They're for my new cousin, who will be Apparating in 3 days. And hopefully not Splinching.

The patterns are both from the first Sublime Stitching book. I used t-shirt stabiliser because the babygros are jersey type fabric, which stretches, not ideal for embroidering. Close ups for detail:

I messed up the satin stitch in the collar (which may have triggered the 2 year hiatus), but overall I am pretty pleased. I also used a relatively more successful satin stitch for the nose, french knots for the exclamation marks and the rest is just split stitching. The part I am most proud of however, is my gay pride friendly colour theme.

I am especially proud of this guy, he is comprised of split stitches again, with one more french knot in his moon buddy and a 'twinkle stitch'. I used metallic thread for extra twinkle. The baby is a girl, so they are nice and gender neutral.
Once the embroidery part was done, I hand sewed some scraps of t-shirt fabric onto the backs of the stitched area. This is to stop the messy knots and inner gubbins (and believe me they are messy gubbins) from irritating the wee one's skin. It also stops the backs of the stitches getting caught and tangled and whatnot. I hand sewed them just for accuracy of straightness; and machine sewing within the restricted area of a romper is not so easy.
Ta-da! These baby clothes were created using the power of Seinfeld and How Clean Is Your House? marathons.