Friday, 13 May 2011

Frogday the Thirteenth

I made this little starry eyed frog guy for my friend Rhonwen's birthday! It was tough to let him go... I used some strange green woven patterned cotton for his back with brown corduroy for his belly. All made from scraps of leftover fabric and lovingly hand sewn! Then I filled his guts in with polyester stuffing. A cheapy, quicky project with the hardest part being the darting. Boy am I making myself sound like a big time cheapskate today!

Here's a not-so-great picture of his belly to get you back on my side:
Awwwww! I don't know why that's cute, but it is.
Unfortunately [again] I can't take too much credit for this project as I got the instructions and pattern from here; I just simplified it very slightly. I would like to take credit for having extremely relevant bed sheets though.

This froggy was born with the aid (or not) of a broken heart! Know what else aside from crafting cures a broken heart? New shoes. Oh yes. It's true.