Friday, 24 June 2011

AppletiniTiny shop now open!


Just so you know... you can now buy some of my bizarre creations online! Here -----> AppletiniTiny Just putting that out there for ya! No pressure! Alright... as of today there's only one thing listed but I swear as soon as I have better quality pictures of my goodies there will be more up on there pronto! Arrrriba, arriba, ondelay!

On sunday I attended my first craft fair as a stallholder - actually a stallhelper because I was running my friend Helen's stall while she taught a workshop - but she let me sell my junk too! The fair was at The Print Haus, Cardiff, here's a picture of our stall:
Super kawaii! Most of the stuff is Helen's, you can buy some of it here: Kawaii Crochet or check out the 'Our Friends' page above for more links! Here's some of the items I had on sale:

Embroidered covered canvasses - Nick Cave lyrics: SOLD! Edgar Allan Poe Raven canvas available in my Folksy shop!

 Creepy trinket box: coming soon to my Folksy shop!

As you can see my not-so-hidden goth side has been coming out a lot lately. I do also have various non-gothic items (mainly hairslides) which I will blog about another time. But... hooray for the birth of Shop AppletiniTiny!
Most crafts pictured here were fueled by Around The World In 80 Days with Michael Palin (yeah I watch smart people shows sometimes too) :P