Saturday, 12 November 2011

Super Gigantoid Megatron Update

I moved cities, it was bonkers. But enough about me! Let's talk about my craft! What have I been doing all this time?!

Firstly I took part in the Second 50-50 Affordable Art Show run by Kooki Two Bit. I was unable to attend (due to moving priorities) and didn't sell anything but was still stoked to be a part of it!

Secondly I made some Things for my stall:
Various hairslides and bits of jewellery (including sweater guards!)

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Hamdbags!

I will [hopefully] be selling these and much more at Rumble in the Jumble (Sixty Million Postcards), Bournemouth, TOMORROW! Anything leftover will more than likely be added to my Folksy shop. I'll also have handmade cards, more hairslides and badges!

And that's (some of) what I've been doing!