Monday, 27 February 2012

Slimey, Slimey... Slimey Bag of Tiger

Continuing my pop art kinda theme from earlier, this is my super special amazing spectacular whatever-else-I-said bag I made for myself! I am kind of in love with it! It was inspired by the cover of the Purple Knif Show, and also this dress. Maybe my bag needs more slime and other flair, I'm not sure if it's the kind of project that could ever have 'too much going on', but I have to admit that the slime was kind of a pain to make, and therefore more detail would have probably led to me throwing my sewing machine out the living room window. I left the slime free to dangle because I am super into Interactive Art that you can slap people with at psychedelic discos.

With the CD cover that inspired it! Fwends!
I used the Cramps logo stencil from Stencil Punks and it turned out really cool after a few painstaking hours cutting all the wobbly lines out. Worth it! Aaaand I made a pocket out of contrasting pink zebra fabric - the first pocket I've ever made so that was all exciting and stuff. I made the tote ridiculously oversized (by accident but I rolled with it), e.g. big enough to take on a major blowout record spree. Yeeooow!

So maybe I might add more to this, in which case I will add more pictures, but for now I'm done!

To fully enjoy the making of this bag, I listened to The Purple Knif Show!