Wednesday, 29 February 2012


The finished thang!
Hi there Zoonies! I embroidered this white pillowcase about forever ago and then it gradually started to disintigrate after some hardcore sleeping hours. And washing machine tumbles (my lawyer said I should put that in there).

I didn't want to waste my many hours of glaborious work so I decided to save the important pieces and re-attach them to something else. BUT WHAT?! I know! Another boring old  pillowcase of course!!! So I did.

Boring ol' thang!

I left the edges all raw because I am lazy I really dig that look and sometimes I like to have something to chew on while I'm sleeping. Aaand I used a co-ordinating / similarly themed fabric I had leftover from another project for a panel. Then I just added some lace for that extra fancy touch.

Now I have a trio of exotic Mexican themed pillowcases!

The patterns are from Sublime Stitching's Dia De Los Muertos and Lucha Libre sheets.

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