Saturday, 24 March 2012

That's no moon, that's a space station...

iHola, todos! Since I haven't posted for a while I am going to do one big update, so big it will be visible from the moooooon, here we go:

Owl Pouch
Twoo twoo, Twit twit twoo
The prototype owl pouch, I will probably make more with different owl faces on. Probably. What you keep in there is your business; loose change, loose cannons... maybe your notes from Owlmaese class!

Westbourne Craft Collective
At the moment we are working on a big collaberative project all to do with spring flowers and bees, with the intention of entering into a competition. I am legit excited to see how it turns out and the subject of bees and their near extinction is a topic close to my heart, so I am really putting a lot of love into this. Here are the two main pieces I'm working on (although I have others in the pipeline):
Ain't made of jello! Get behind a fellow! Black and yellow!
Bleeding Hearts
The Bleeding Hearts will be strung together on a branch somehow. I love them, I might have to make some to hang about my house.

That's it. Now I just sit back and wait to hear complaints from NASA.