Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Women's Day Special: Let The Antimacassar Begin!

Fluffy, fluffy... fluffy chair of velvet
Happy International Women's Day to all the ladies reading this... and the men too I guess, because why not! Share the lady love!

I finished this antimacassar (which I keep wanting to type as antimassacre) on Sunday, just in time for International Women's Day! Not because I meant to, because I was, and then I realised, and then I was all like 'oh!', but let's pretend I did.

It's embroidered with two colours of floss blended together (turquoise and grey) and umm it's kind of wonky and charming and... umm... oh!

This is a close up
That was a close up.

That might be all I have to say about this, apart from that I love it, I loved making it and I'm proud of it (even its wobbly bits). That's feminism for you! This antimacassar was finished with the help of Pressure Drop at Sixty Million Postcards and Karen of Make It, Save It, Mend It! fame (thank you for the new Big Word)!