Sunday, 8 April 2012

How I Spent My Easter Vacation

Hey sportsfans,
This weekend I have been working on thingys for our stall at Rumble In The Jumble. First I made bunting:
Which I was particularly proud of! I used scraps of various fabrics, bias tape and felt lettering. I more or less just followed this tutorial I found on Folksy.

Secondly, a ladyburg coaster / hanging thingy:
Lady Chris De Burg
(This was mostly my sister's handiwork and I finished it off with the fancyness around the edge)

Thirdly a tattooed handbag:
Don't tie me down
If you have eagle eyes, or just really good human eyes, you might be able to see that the strap is a neck tie! This is a bag that says 'don't mess with me', but also has pretty birds and flowers for when you are visiting your mum.

Fourthly, a bunch of knitted/crocheted badges:
Fifthly, my latest invention; BubbleBombs!
Handsome monkey models
BubbleBombs are speech bubbles suitable for photobombing, excitifying photos of your pets or posters and anything else you can think of! Why not get right up in your favourite singer's face at a show and BubbleBomb the life out of them?! What could possibly go wrong?!

This post was brought to you today by The Cramps, International Twin mixes, naptime and lots and lots of tea.

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