Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Hearty Farty Six Legged Sea Dweller

Oh hai.
As I mentioned earlier I have started a textile printing class at the AUCB so here is a little peep at what I have done so far.
Screeny, screeny... screeny swirly apples
The first is a stencil/screen print, my teacher said it was very Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Art Nouveau - it was really supposed to be 60s ish but that’s cool because they stole everything from Art Nouveau were pretty nuts about Art Nouveau in the 60s anyway. I'm not crazy about the colours/tones I used but maybe that will improve with practise.

The second and third are lino prints from a lino block I made about 10 years ago, ha! I call him Hexapoo or Hexopus, I used to draw him a lot and he's still lookin good after all this time. I thought the others in the class would laugh at him but the general concensus was that he's cute. He's supposed to be tough and swirly but I guess cute is the next best thing. I prefer the first of these two prints because of the colourway and the clearer detail that came out.

Who knows what I will do with these samples yet, stay tuned in to find out.

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