Sunday, 6 May 2012

I Got Stripes - Stripes Around My Shoulders

Ello Poppets, I've been making band t-shirts again!
I wanted a Riff Randells t-shirt, a stripey Riff Randells t-shirt, because on the cover of the first record I bought by them they are all wearing stripey t-shirts, see?
So rad it should be a crime
I had the iron-on letters leftover from another project and the red fabric is part of an old t-shirt. I just ironed the letters on, drew around them in the shape I fancied, cut that out and appliquéd it on. And then I made another one:
Two very different bands, two very similar shirts. I had originally wanted the shape to be an explosion , inspired by Roy Lichtenstein but then I decided that clouds are nicer and just as pop-arty. And that's all I have to say about this except that now I have 2 new favourite t-shirts (3 if you count the extra one I kept plain). I am pretty crazy bout stripes y'all!

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