Friday, 31 August 2012

Collaboration of Generations

Well in all my excitement at blogging about Nothing New yesterday I forgot that I do, in fact, have Something New to blog about! How silly!

It's actually technically not new either since it's a refurbished second hand garment; unfortunately I forgot to take a 'before' picture but here's the 'after':
Suits you sir
Now you will have to use your brainbox to imagine this shirt with no collar at all; just a plain round neck. Retro-a-go-go, but not terribly flattering. My mum made this shirt many moons ago (I don't ever remember seeing her wearing it); she'd even hand sewn all of the hems; and earlier this month I found it shoved in a 'to go' pile! Whuuuut!
Obviously I was not going to cut this bad boy up, so a collar was the only option. I confused myself totally with the button / placket situation, so I made the collar finish short of that area and then created a bow tie effect to fill in the weird-looking space. I am really pumped with how it turned out although most of the credit obviously has to go to my mum. I love 'masculine' / androgynous styling, am constantly being called an '18th century chimney sweep' and avid readers of my blog (is there anyone out there?) will know of my granny / collar / 60's / psychedelic obsession so to me this is a really good blend of a lot of things that I love!
Penguin goes psychedelic disco garage-a-go-go
I also really like the idea that this is a collaboration of two generation's styles, that interests me. The sleeves are still a little big and odd-fitting so I might adjust those as well, but possibly not because I'm quite scared of messing it up and ruining the whole thing, which would be Very Bad. Cardigans ahoy, then!

I shall leave you with a close up of this fabulously groovy fabric!
Swirly, swirly... swirly crazy thingy

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