Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bunting On The Thames

My mum wanted some bunting to decorate my parents' hallway so I offered to make her some. My dad is currently working on/off in Dubai so I thought it would be a neat-o idea to combine something for him with the bunting for my mum, so this is what I did:
I used scraps of fabric I already had, plus some that I picked up from charity shops. Then I used white felt for the lettering.
I made it double sided so that she can have it plainish if she wants to:
How d'ya like them apples?
Although I almost feel like it's too plain and boring so I might tell her she can add to it if she likes. Again I used scraps and for the apple shape I drew around a cookie cutter. This didn't turn out as one of my neatest projects but since it's a freebie / family thing and I've been kind of under the weather I don't think it'll matter too much. Tough anyway!