Monday, 15 October 2012

Three Pears Of What?

Well last time (if you remember) I promised that when I finished some half way decent sketches on my City & Guilds course I would post pictures, so here we go:
Three Pairs
I did this one in charcoal, I was pretty happy with the results. One lady in my class commented that it reminded her of the phrase 'two's company, three's a crowd'; except she phrased it more like 'two talk, the third will walk', which (being a notorious loner) I rather liked. The shadow of the stalk (bottom left) is my favourite part.
Here I painted my Peace Lily, this time using Indian Ink, which I'd never used before. I liked that I got to start with a clean slate using the ink and I had a lot of fun making this painting! It's not the most technically correct piece in the world with regards to shading and what have you but I like it because the composition works really well.

I am kind of pumped to see that I am actually improving somewhat!

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  1. Both are really lovely but I especially like the peace lily! You have loads of talent :).