Sunday, 7 October 2012

Treesy To Please

If I've been a quiet little mouse lately (more than usual) it's because I've started 4 new part-time adult learning courses and don't have much time to craft (or blog). This [obviously] makes me very sad indeed, but in the long run it'll all contribute towards my crafting skills.
The courses I'm doing are:
City & Guilds in Drawing Skills: Portfolio Level 1
City & Guilds Creative Techniques in Mixed Media Level 2
Fashion for Beginners Ascentis Entry Level 3
British Sign Language Signature Level 1
As you can imagine, between homework and working part-time, not to mention eating, sleeping and breathing in and out I am quite busy! So I thought what I would do to keep the blog going was share some of the work I'll be doing in class. Whether this will be interesting and exciting to anyone but myself I have no idea but I guess that's what blogging is all about, hey.

Our first homework for Fashion was to create a mood board based on a current fashion trend. I chose Goth (aka gawwth) because erm... it was particularly easy for me. And I'm a cheater, cheater, booger eater.
Not the greatest, but you get the idea
I am very happy with how it turned out and my teacher also said it was very good (although she hasn't seen the finished article yet). Fashion is my favourite subject so far so hopefully the enthusiasm will help me achieve a really good portfolio.

My art teacher is Abi Kremer, who loves trees. Like, a whole lot. Our subject at the moment is 'nature'; when I get around to finishing a piece and being happy with it I'll make a post about that too.