Thursday, 7 February 2013


Hola! I'm still slogging away at the art classes; we just started a new unit which is all about ourlovelyselves and last night's lesson was on screenprinting, so I thought I'd share my work since I loooved it!

Regular readers might have picked up on my love of all things 60s, Pop Art and psychedelic; I decided to base my print around that theme and chose Our George as my subject!
Our George
Aaand here's the result:
A Hard Day's Bright
Bad Trip
Since I'm pretty much a beginner at screenprinting they didn't turn out perfect, but I quite like the imperfections because they are interesting and sort of melty-like. You have to have mega strong arms and big piano hands to be a really great screenprinter; which is why I never want to get on the wrong side of Helen at Nelly's Treasures!