Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Work Placement Mini-Blog: Episode 1: Day One

As part of my uni course I have to complete a work placement within the textiles industry and write a 2000 word report about my experiences; this will conclude my first year of university! Which scares the bejeezers out of me!
I'm lucky enough to be doing my placement with my great friend Helen at Nelly's Treasures and today was my first day. I'm doing a mini blog-within-blog about my experiences both to help with my report and so that others might know what to expect from a placement.

Today we were based at The PrintHaus, where Helen does her printing. There is a really nice community kind of atmosphere there and they run workshops and things at certain times so that everyone can have a go. Also they run Snapped Up Market, where I shared a stall with Helen once and started out my crafting life many moons ago, so I can testify that that is very exciting indeed!

The PrintHaus, Cardiff
We started off with health and safety briefings of course, fire exits and poop facilities and so on, and then did some screenprinting. These were multi-layered colour prints, which I'd never done before and all fancy equipment so that was new for me. Helen showed me how she lines it all up to work and she let me have a go at the first colour (which was yellow) and all the prints came out well. Helen is very efficient at screenprinting, I think I'll learn some neat tricks from her before my time is up!

Then I did a bit of observing Helen doing some more printing (red this time) and then I did a bit of ironing. And I thought I was rubbish at ironing but I'm not at all.

After lunch I had to work by myself a bit, firstly cutting out imagery with little scissors to be made into brooches, which was a bit fiddly but looked really good and then threading drawstrings into drawstring bags. And that was about it for the first day! What was also really great was that we listened to Radio 6 Music, which I'd never heard before and I thought that was pretty darned good.
These are the prints I helped with today (above), which I know Helen will be selling at the Art Car Bootique in Chapter Arts Centre on May 25th! So pretty!