Thursday, 8 May 2014

Work Placement Mini-Blog: Episode 2: Days Two And Three

Still on my work placement with the fabul-oh-so Nelly's Treasures in Cardiff!
Yesterday (day two) was a Disaster Day for me; almost everything I touched seemed to go a bit wrong! The day started off well with some bonding over music tastes*, Photoshop work and paper cutting, which working as a team we did in no time at all. After we exposed some screens to print later on in the day, I was set a sewing task and couldn't seem to get the darned thing right! I blame the unfamiliar machine of course; it's like driving someone else's car, or playing their guitar. It goes but... not in the same way! Anyway I did a pretty good job overall in the end, due to my 'tenacious attitude' (my uni tutor's words, not mine).
Later, I did a little bit of printing and although I have always been good at it in uni I managed to mess one up and 'flood under' the design, making the print all blobby. So I didn't feel very good about that at all! After that I mainly helped out by gathering and cleaning equipment, which I was happy to do since it's pretty hard to mess that up!

Today was day three and it was much more successful and even more fun. First of all Helen worked on the artworks to make into screens and we talked about admin things like how to price works; this can be difficult as most people don't realise the effort and skill involved in hand-made, unique goods!
After this I coated the screens with emulsion ready to be exposed with imagery. This was quite exciting for me as I don't to do this part in uni, so that's a new skill which I've learnt. Then I cut and ironed the vintage fabrics ready for printing - such beautiful 60s flowery prints, right up my street! I prepared the screens and then printed the designs all by myself. The equipment at The PrintHaus is much more hi-tech and fancy than the stuff we use at uni which made the printing process really easy... although I still messed the first one up! Probably out of nerves... the rest came out beautifully though, observe:
Happily Ever After by Nelly's Treasures
Please ignore the excitedly goofy faces I am pulling... but yes that is me! Today! Loving it!

One thing that is great about working in The PrintHaus is that there are always lots of interesting and friendly people around to talk to (or help if you get stuck) and you can see what other people are up to and one person I've seen a lot of is Katy Webster of Miri Studio. Her work is soooo cute and lovely, I must urge you to go and look at it!

To keep up to date with Nelly's Treasures, follow on Instagram, I can tell you that there's lots of exciting things coming up because I have seen them with my eyes!

*We like Courtney Barnett, The Growlers, Temples and I loooove Wooden Shjips!