Sunday, 11 May 2014

Work Placement Mini-Blog: Episode 3: Day Four / Darlunio Illustrate 2014 Exhibition

Friday was day 4 of my internship for Nelly's Treasures. I did a lot more screenprinting onto vintage fabrics which are destined to be squishy cushions and then the lovely Jude from the PrintHaus showed me how to match colours exactly using the Pantone system. Very tricky and skilled!
After that I cut out the 'Happily Ever After' prints I'd done the previous day into heart shapes for more squishy cushions and then, very unexpectedly I got to do a little 'modelling':
Yesss, that's me again! Showing off my guns and gazing dreamily at nothing in particular... oh and Nelly's ace cheeky toucan top of course!!! Available on Etsy NOW!
Theeen Helen let me use her Amaaaazing with a capital A sewing machine, this one:
Which is so smooth and easy to use I can see why her work is sooo well made! I have big machine envy!
That was about it, another great day in all!

Today I adventured over to Penarth to check out the Darlunio Illustrate 2014 Exhibition which my friend Colin has some work in, as well as a lot of other very talented and inspiring people... it's open until 29th May and is free to get in so if you're in the Cardiff / Penarth area this month I'd highly recommend going along.