You Better Werk, Bunty!

Just over a year ago my great gal pal Gemma over at Dark Matters asked me to make her some bespoke bunting for her gourmet brownie stall business which was just taking off. Well last week she mentioned that the business is doing so well that she can now make what she calls a 'double pronged brownie attack' on the world [e.g. have two stalls open in two places at once] and therefore needed another string of bunting! Of course I was happy to oblige and I think it even turned out nicer than the original bunting I made for her:
I used all the same heritage style fabrics for the 'front'; plaid, houndstooth and gingham, but changed the 'back' up with some different ones; a titchy polyester check-like woven fabric and a geometric patterned woven wool which I absolutely love (but sadly don't have enough of to make a garment)! I used both the right and wrong sides of the wool to make alternate flags; one has more blue and one has more grey. Again I used the velvet ribbon and I think this gives the whole thing a super classy, dare I say... expensive look?!

Aaand whilst I'm talking about bunting I may as well show off the bunting I made for my friend Aimi's housewarming a couple of weeks ago:
This was more of a colourful 60s flowery affair made from salvaged vintage and non-vintage scraps with a fancy golden ribbon, and I used a ditsy Laura Ashley-ish flower patterned fabric for the reverse. At first I wasn't sure if all the colours went together but once it was all finished I thought it turned out really cool!

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My work here today was inspired by Joan Jett, Seinfeld, Sylvia Plath, RuPaul's Drag Race and The Cute Lepers


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