Monday, 29 December 2014

Hand & Lock Internship: Day 12

In the immediate post-christmasness there wasn't much to do today, so I started out by spending the morning working on my goldwork sample. I don't have a photo yet as I'm going to wait until it looks a bit more impressive before showing it off.
After that I had to re-cover the big work tables with new, fresh Vilene as they get a bit grubby after a while. Here's one table after I had covered it:
And then after that job I was asked to organise the threads in these big thread drawers:
As you can see there are some thready bits hanging out and they kept becoming tangled up in all kinds of things, which was a bit annoying and slightly dangerous. So I took out each drawer; here is the blue drawer:
And then I untangled everything and put them away neatly:
And that was quite satisfying.

After that I started to unpick a n embroidery that needs to be changed after the customer changed their mind about the font used, so I will continue this job tomorrow:

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