Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hand & Lock Internship: Day 13

Today I started work straight away on this little guy:
Hon hon hon
He's a French Bulldog and the beagle eyed can hopefully see that he's a little mis-aligned on the right hand side; I personally like offset works but it's not what H&L wanted for this piece so my job was to fill in the blank white bits along the bottom in satin stitch by hand and the extra grey bit will be unpicked later. This was he at the end of the day:
[Designed by Hand & Lock, not me!]
Still some very small bits left to do but I spent some time making sure it looked really good and Laura was pleased with it when I showed it to her as you can't see the difference between the hand and machine stitch; so I must have done a good job. I really enjoyed working on this, it was definitely my sort of thing to do and that always helps make a job easier.
Other than that I ran errands, helped frame shirts to be machine embroidered and also helped with finishing the re-embroidered apron from yesterday: