Monday, 15 December 2014

Hand & Lock Internship: Day 6

Today was another bits n bobs day, I worked on my goldwork techniques, did some jump thread trimming and some errands at Selfridges but the biggest job of the day was appliqueing the letters I'd started last week.
This was even more tricky than cutting them out as I had to make sure they're all straight and equidistant, plus make hidden stitches through two layers of suede. I hadn't really done anything so delicate before so I'm sure I worked very slowly, plus my fingers are hurting a bit now! Buuut it's all good practise and I'm appreciating the chance to learn new, important skills.
Here you can see a picture of me working / concentrating extra hard [in the background]; in the foreground Head Designer Scott is discussing techniques and traditions with a tour group:
Photo from @handlocklondon (Instagram)
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