Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Hand & Lock Internship: Day 7

Today I sewed some crystals onto a dress bodice and ironed pillowcases but mostly I finished off the blanket I had started appliqueing yesterday. This job seemed to have taken me a very long time but I think this was because firstly the embroidery frame I was using was a bit loose / broken making the tension difficult to work with and nextly because I am still a learner of course. Being around people who work very fast and efficiently all day can sometimes make you forget that as a learner you will naturally work a little bit slower. Anyway my boss was pleased with the job I had done so that's all that matters ultimately.
Besides this, I often tell myself that it's best to do a job well the first time rather than rushing it and having to re-check / re-do it several times; in the long run you will probably save time and your own mind from going batty.

I was also asked today what the point of me writing this blog was. I didn't really give a sufficient answer to that person but it got me thinking about what my point was so I thought I may as well re-affirm it by discussing it on here, as a kind of renewed manifesta to myself. This blog is a place to keep a record of all my achievements; however big or small they might seem to others is kind of irrelevant (sorry) because I don't even expect others to read it and am always pleasantly surprised if and when they do. I was recommended to have a blog by my university tutor and as I had already been keeping this one prior to starting university it seemed easy enough to continue it. It's sort of like a very informal CV of all my crafting, creative ideas and projects so far, some of them great and some of them not so much and I learn just as much, if not more, looking back at the 'not so much' ones as the great ones. Simple really!