Monday, 5 January 2015

Hand & Lock Internship: Day 16

This morning I began by continuing my beadwork from last week, trying new samples and finishing the old ones. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture but will add one tomorrow / later in the week!

After that Laura asked me to touch up an owl she had machine embroidered; similarly to the French Bulldog I worked on last week there were a few not-perfect areas that needed a little mending. Here is the owl before I fixed it:
Design by Hand & Lock, London
And here is the owl after I'd made a few small changes:
Can you spot the areas I hand stitched? Didn't think so! This was another piece I really enjoyed working on as the design appeals to me a lot and it was fun to work on something with such an exciting colour pallet.
The next job of the day was to take down the Christmas window that some of the other interns and I had created in December. I cleaned the window, took down all the decorations and stored them for next year and then put The Collection back in the window:
Hand & Lock's SS15 Collection
Which was no mean feat I can tell you! But The Collection is so incredible that who can complain?!

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