Friday, 14 October 2016

Update / Volunteering at Walford Craft Mill - First Day!

It's been a while since my last post about the Festival of Quilts, so here's a quick update. Aside from doing some much needed home improvements and working in a 'real job' I've been creating greetings cards and small embroidered framed pieces which are currently for sale at Dot.Tea's in Westbourne. I don't have any photos of these (naughty) but they are very much like my older pieces of work such as this one:

Except in frames. And different. Also I've been doing some alterations and repairs on clothing which has been challenging at times but not entirely unfun and everybody seems very happy with my work and keep bringing me more and more things to do, so that's great.

Next I'll be making some christmas decorations to sell at Dot.Tea's too, and will be posting about those when they're done. Probably.

Since I only work in my 'real job' part-time and am just sort of muddling through life a bit at the moment since graduating, I decided to volunteer somewhere where I'd be able to build up my useful and transferable skills for personal and professional gain. I have thought about going into some kind of educational work, and so I wanted that place to be somewhere that I can help in some capacity with craft workshops. Also I am not the kind to work for big corporate fatcats, so I wanted to learn a little more about how small / independent businesses run and how galleries operate, and that sort of thing. Anyway, allll of this led me to find Walford Mill Crafts; a gallery / shop operating from an ollld mill, which seems to have all the elements I want to learn from.

Wednesday was my first day there, and it started off with a meeting of shop staff. This was mostly to discuss the upcoming 'Christmas at the Mill' event, with a special exhibition and all sorts of other goodies. After that I went to help in the gallery shop with stock taking, pricing and displaying work and of course meeting all the visitors and local craftspeople who come in to drop off their work. After some general admin duties (breaking down boxes) I started wrapping faux presents for the christmas display and theeeen I got to work on starting the sample pieces for the kids Halloween workshops!

Everyone who knows me knows that I love Halloween so this was the ideal job for me. The kids will be making glowing Halloween lanterns with electric candles inside, with tissue paper and silhouetted spooky scenes. I was allowed to be as creative as I liked, so here's my example:
As you can see it has everything one could want in a spooky lantern; a ghost, bat, moon, scary tree, haunted house and tombstones. Yissss! Next week I am to make a mummy and a monster, so stay tuned to see how ace they will turn out.

That's all for now, goodbyeeeee