Thursday, 27 October 2016

Walford Mill Crafts; Day Three

My third day of volunteering at Walford Mill Crafts began with the creative cupcake decorating workshop for kids. This course is run by Lauren Foster of The Cakery Shop and it was a lot of fun. First we set up the workshop with tools of the trade and places for everyone:
Then once everyone had arrived Lauren demonstrated on some sample cupcakes a few techniques for the kids to try out:
I can confirm that these were delicious
And after that the kids were let loose to decorate theirs however they pleased, and here are some of the results:

The kids were really clever and creative and didn't just stick to the examples that were shown. I have never decorated a cupcake and therefore mostly stuck stickily to the perimeter passing different coloured icings and tools and giving tidbits of common sense type advice. And talking about cats.

After that it was time to clear up and then finish the decorative christmas kite I started making last week for the kids workshop on 17th December.

I made mine in the shape of Santa with a woolly beard and a traditional green Santa hat. I feel he may be more scary than the crafts I made last week for the Halloween workshops but... oh well.

After the kite, I was given the job of starting some jewellery by lovely Debby Kirby. I was given a whole load of hand painted papers in every colour possible and some jewellery blanks and left to my own devices. This job is [obviously] a lot more precise than making fun kids' crafts, so it's good that my skills are being tested at both ends of the scale!
Hand painted papers
Fancy cuffs
A range of jewels
Above is the range I had created by the end of the day. If they still look quite unfinished that's because they are unfinished; they'll be completed with fancy techniques including resin, hopefully by me which is quite exciting as I've never done that before.