Sunday, 27 November 2016

Volunteering at Walford Mill Crafts: Chapter 6

Christmas is now all set up at the Mill and looking fabulous! Here's a few pictures:

Looking pretty splendid indeed! Most of the hard work and graft was down to Krishula, Christine and Mel, although I wrapped most of the presents under the tree, and helped with decorating the smaller christmas tree and shop displays that can be seen in the last two pictures! I haven't ever really been involved in creating retail displays to this standard before, so I'm learning a lot as I go along and the staff have been very encouraging and helpful, which is lovely. I've been working in the gallery shop a more the past couple of weeks and have come to terms with the till and general day to day happenings now. I think!
This week I was helping Debby with jewellery creating again; using her beautiful hand painted papers to make unique pieces which will be finished with resin. Here are a few that I was working on this week:

In the foreground and left you can see a few that have been finished with the resin; I'm really pleased with how they turned out! The blue-green triangley one in the front there is my favourite one of all because the textures and colours work really well within the shape.
After that it was time for Creative Academy (aka kids' craft)! This week the teacher was Debra Zebra and we were making mixed media Supermoon pieces. Here's Debra's version:
And here's a few made by the kids:

I think they all look great and they all put their own unique style into the work; with some more abstract and unruly and others more meticulous and neat. But all of them turned out equally spooky and atmospheric which was the aim of the game, hurrah!