Sunday, 6 November 2016

Walford Mill Crafts Volunteering: Chapter 4

This week I was helping out with the beginnings of putting together the special Christmas exhibition in the gallery. The first job of the day was to wrap up some of those pretend fake presents that always look so much nicer than any actual real presents. This was quite fun, as I actually enjoy wrapping gifts, plus it's amazing what you can do with just a little bit of brown paper and ribbon:
After that I spent quite a while carefully unwrapping deliveries, checking them over and pricing them before wrapping them all carefully back up to be stored until the changeover to Christmas. Most of the goodies I unwrapped were ceramics and here's a couple of my favourites:
Jessica Thorn
Super cute cups, jugs and spice shakers by Jessica Thorn, white outside with coloured seams and insides. Very yummy indeed!
Alex Allday
And very pretty, delicate ceramics by Alex Allday with overlapping surface patterns and textures, giving them a sort of 'lacy' effect. So clever!

After much oohing and aahing over those, it was time for the kids craft club again! This week we were making toadstools from paper mache... no pictures as they aren't finished yet but here's some from previous weeks:
The G is silent
Monster munch
Finished gnomes from two weeks ago and a Frankie's monster pumpkin head from three weeks ago! These were painted pumpkins with faces and features embellished on. Very nice and also a bit silly.

Next time: Christmas Mayhem!