Monday, 2 January 2017

Blue Monday

Like everyone else, I rarely have time to work on projects that are all for myself these days, but over the holidays I made time for a quick project I'd been planning for a while. I had a plain faux suede turquoise shift dress (apologies for the following terrible two photos):
From meh...
That I wanted to embellish and make more exciting, like so: yeh!
With just a little bit of embroidery around the neckline and pockets I think it looks much more interesting. Here's some better photos with detail:

The yellowy greeny thread is your regular DMC / Anchor type but the blue thread is a vintage 1960s Swedish silk that I picked up from Linladen at the Festival of Quilts last August. This is a really good quality thread that I'll be saving for the most special projects!
I chose the pocket pattern from Constance Howard's book 'Inspiration for Embroidery' and the herringbone stitch is one that I've been using in various projects for a while now.