Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Easter Break Kid's Craft Club!

It's Easter half term and that means lots of kid's craft clubs to teach at Walford Mill Crafts! I started off my classes by making curly paper snails:
This was part of a 'speed-crafting' activity we put on for a local school wherein the children had 3 craft activities to do in 20 minute intervals. We had a theme of Easter / Garden and I decided to keep mine fairly simple since there's usually a range of abilities and it was such a limited time frame.

Next, back at the Mill, we hosted a children's crafty birthday party for a little girl where the kids made jewellery and decorated boxes to keep their jewels in. Caroline created hand printed, cut and dyed butterflies and seahorses from aluminium for the girls to make into necklaces... and I was lucky enough to be given a leftover seahorse to make my own beautiful mermaid jewels (thanks Caroline)!
Here's some of the boxes that the kids made:
As you can see they had an Easter theme as well!

Next came the Easter Bunnies workshop, which was taught by me. I wanted to make it textile-related since I haven't done much of that with the kids yet, so I came across an idea of making them from socks (a little like sock monkeys) but without any sewing (which kids sometimes struggle with). Here's the one I made as an example:
Which I thought was reeeeally cute! I used baby socks to make them extra titchy (and easier to make). The kids struggled a little with pouring in the rice filling, but other than that they seemed to enjoy the workshop and made some great bunnies:

Some of them then made 'gardens' for the bunnies to live in by decorating paper plates:

I really enjoyed this workshop and seeing the bunnies made by the kids. What made it extra lovely was that I found a note tucked into my bag at the end of the class:
Today we made crafty ice cream sundaes using yarn cone innards, polystyrene balls and trimmings! First we painted the balls to look like ice cream, then the cone, then we made chocolate flakes from brown paper and sauce from yarn! Here's my version:
Yum yum yum
Looks good enough to eat, if I do say so myself... and I do! Unfortunately, in all the glacial excitement I forgot to take photos of the kid's ice creams, so you'll have to take my word for it that they turned out great... some even better than mine! What made it even better was that the local ice cream garden opened up just as we were finishing the class, so some of the children went (with parents) for real ice creams afterwards, hurrah!

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