Monday, 26 June 2017

Working at the New Carnival Company: Part 4!

Today was the first day of the final push towards Mardi Gras day! With only 4 days to go, we'll be putting the finishing touches onto costumes and making everything fabulous and gorgeous this week. Today started by finishing off these spicy little numbers for the Viva Carnival Club that we started last monday:
After that it was time for a team meeting; starting to plan the actual logistics of carnival day. There's a lot to do; making sure everyone knows where they need to be at what time, decorating, entertainment and refreshments... as a carnival newbie it's all fresh to me but I shall do my best to keep up!

Next I finished the feathered friend I started on wednesday [for before pictures, you can click here]:

It looks gorgeous now that it's plumage is fully restored! And I made a new circular piece for another costume that needed a little touching up:
Shiny! Then Gina and I finished off the backpacks for the Equals ladies that go with the Delhi Durbar costumes we made last week:
It feels pretty good to be working through our list of jobs and be ticking things off. Later in the day we had a visit from a special friend:
Oh hai!
And even later in the day we went to visit the Viva Carnival Club themselves to finish off even more backpacks and bits and bobs of costumes and just to say hello to them because they're brilliant! No pictures of that event unfortunately as we were too hard at work!

Over the weekend I managed to whip up some extra fancy peacock shoes to go with my peacock outfit:
As well as cavorting with some piggies and also a mad wild horse at Quarr Abbey!

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