Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Nutty Appley Parrotts?!

Yesterday I had a day's takeover at the Nutty Parrott Studio at Walford Mill Crafts. The studio is the shared space of Caroline Parrott and Wendy Nutt, who are both lovely and extremely talented ladies!
During my takeover, I (wo)manned the shop for them and was able to use the space to create some of my own work too. Here's me outside the studio:
Nutty Appley Parrott?
And here's the bug brooches that I was working on whilst I was there:
These will be available to buy soon from my Etsy store, or directly from me. They are designed from one of my original illustrative drawings, then laser cut onto specially chosen materials (wood and acrylic) in a fabulous colour pallet, then the bug brooches are hand finished with a hand painted, handmade bead and a handmade tassel all made by me! I also 'embroider' them a bit with patterns through holes in their bodies. These are really fun, oversized statement jewellery, not intended for the faint of heart!
But back to Nutty Parrott - it's a really great space to work in; calm and decorated by Caroline and Wendy with inspiring bits and bobs and all their gorgeous work. I had a few visitors who came to browse and chat, so that was nice. I'm scheduled for some more shifts there, which I will look forward to very much!

In other news I have also come across a very fabulous picture of me from Mardi Gras last weekend in which you can see my full outfit including the elusive feathered leg cuffs!
Photo by Graham Reading