My Friends

Anna Milner
The blog of my best friend Anna; a Fine Art BA at Wrexham University graduate, her work is soo beautiful I could cry.

Nelly's Treasures (main site)
Nelly's Treasures (Etsy shop)
My friend Helen's company - she makes rad clothes, accessories and Cute Things from vintage and reclaimed fabric, with her own kawaii original prints.

Rachel Cave Design
Rachel Cave Design Etsy Store
One of my closest lady friends, a surface pattern designer who makes gorgeous mod and mid-century style designs.

Mod Decals / This Retro
The website of Rachel's husband Pete, who makes scooter decals and restores lovely vintage furniture.

Sophie Mortimore Photography
Sophie is a talented photographer friend with a vast subject matter from art and fashion to wedding photography. Her lovely blog is also well worth a look: blog

Madame Mim
My friend Nice Amy The Tattooist sells some of her original designs here in the form of necklaces, t-shirts and skate decks! You can also find her in person at Raging Swan Studios off Newport Road in Cardiff.

Artist and another bestest friend ephar!

The PrintHaus
Community print studio in Cardiff, Wales. Very friendly staff and people and they also run printing workshops and a craft / independent people market once every quarter.

Dark Matters
Lovely, lovely gorgeous lady who makes lovely, lovely gorgeous (but naughty) brownies! Also on Twitter

Hand & Lock
Masters of hand embroidery that I interned with during December 2014.

Band Pin Badges
A great value website for all your badge / pin (or button if you're American) needs. And you don't have to be in a band to use it!

Subcultural Pink Bits
A music webzine for Subcultural Ladies - because women can do more than take their clothes off!

Stephanie Kuehnert
My internet pal of many years; after writing short stories for zines she finally got two books published by MTV Books - 'I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone' and 'Ballads Of Suburbia'. Both are highly recommended and a must read for punk rock kids! Stephanie is such a nice lady too and always has time to do shit for her fans... RESPECT!

Alexis Lloyd
Online portfolio for my wee little chum Alexis 'Tex' Lloyd, who has worked for Criminal Damage, Mambo, Animal and some other hip cats.

Alternative Aesthetics
Seriously cool, unique illustrations and t-shirts... just too cute to even describe... go look!

Deathcola Design
They make all kinds of awe inspiring arty stuff like woah! Apparently they specialise in illustration, animation, print and website design. All I know is that their blog is a fun read, check it out here.

Joe Chick
Joe draws puuurty pictures!

James Reed Freelance Design
He makes more magic drawings...