Hand & Lock Internship: Day 20 / Last Day

On my last day I helped Robert with a sort of 'admin' task; we worked in the military room sorting out all the laces, braids and Related Things. Here's a picture of the racks before we started:
 And here's the racks at the end of the day:
We didn't quite manage to finish them but as you can see we made a vast improvement! Here's a picture at the sort of middle stage:
We emptied each rack, re-wound and untangled everything that needed winding and de-tangling, sorted everything by colour, design and size and put them back on the shelves. They were quite mixed up so it took us a while! Some people may have found this job a little dull but I felt very satisfied seeing the cages looking so neat and tidy at the end of the day.

Unfortunately that meant I didn't have time to get creative with the goldwork materials but Janika told me that they will keep my sci-fi beading sample to show future beadwork students as inspiration. I'm really pleased about this and it's exciting to think that my work may possibly inspire others!
My finished sampler - a UFO eye view

At the end of the day everyone came together and along with some birthday celebrations, another intern and I were given sewing boxes as a leaving gift, this is mine:
It's a beautiful peacock feather print basket from Liberty! I absolutely love it and feel very lucky to have been given such a lovely gift at the end of a brilliant and super fun internship so thank you Hand & Lock!
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