Final Major Project

It's been a crazy three years in university as a mature student; time seemed to have it's own ideas of how fast or slow it wanted to go every day and it didn't always feel inclined to keep the rest of us informed of those changes. Hence the temporary neglect of this blog... however as it's all over now aside from end of year exhibition commitments, I felt it was time to update with pictures of my Final Major Project. Here we go:
Masks and hoods; all handmade and embroidered
Oversized Promachoteuthis Sulcus squid brooch
Blobfish handmade quilted collar
Lamprey accessory with flashing LED circuit
CAD embroidery
 And some fashion visualisations of how my work might be worn:

The theme of my FMP was deep sea creatures and the outcomes designed with high fashion stage wear for musicians in mind [think of the type of wearable art that Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's wears on stage]. I dyed my own fabrics or designed digital prints which were then cut up and manipulated, I used quilting, beading, embroidery and appliqué techniques and made everything myself... that's even me 'modelling' in the above photos! So it was a lot of work but I feel that it payed off in the end to create something very unique, fun and indelibly ME!
You can see further photos of my recent work, detailed information and MORE at my new website:


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