Fabulous Junk Flowers!

On Monday I ran another children's craft workshop at Corfe Mullen Library. This time it was flower and plant themed and I had made a couple of examples for the kids to copy; a simple daisy in a plant pot made from single use cups and a drinking straw and my personal favourite; a venus fly trap made from a paper plate and some googly eyes. Can you tell how much I loved Sesame Street when I was younger? If you look really closely you can see that he has a 'fly' in his mouth.

I showed these examples to the children but sort of just let them have at it and interpret them however they liked with the given materials (it's more wild that way):

It's creative mess, OK?

They came up with some really awesome plant creature creations!

I really like that they thought to add their own features to the plants, like noses, tongues, teeth and stalks and thought of ingenious ways of attaching them too! I also really enjoyed this very simple flower design, which looks like it belongs in some fancy Scandinavian inspired living room decor somewhere:

Some of the children had the brill idea of posing their plants in the library garden for a picture, which worked really well:
This is definitely in my top 5 workshops that I've ever done - it's a super simple idea in theory but because it can be interpreted in many ways it makes it a more fun and creative experience for all. The kids did a really good job on all of their plants and went home with some wonderful results, all made from single use items that would normally be discarded! OK maybe not the googly eyes because they should be treasured always.


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