Recommended Links

If you gotta leave me, go somewhere cool!
My full website with more photos and information.

Miri Studio
Bilingual cute prints, accessories and loveliness from the mind of Katy Webster! Miri means 'fun' or 'celebration' in Welsh! There's also an Etsy shop

The Blood Bag Project
A really unique exhibition project run by Leigh Bowser (a super talented embroidery artist) to raise awareness for Diamond Blackfan Anaemia which anyone can contribute to. Go look!

Stencil Punks
Just, oh y'know, a really rad site full of amazing, (free) punx rawx stencils. No big deal.

Sublime Stitching
I learnt to embroider using Jenny Hart's books and advice... she's also a very sweet and fabulous lady!

Cut Out And Keep
A wealth of tutorials for every kind of craft you can imagine.
A super tiptastic site that also has some free projects

Make it, Save it, Mend it
Crafty lady who blogs about all the rad crafty and vintage things she stumbles across.

Domestic Sluttery
A blog with recipes and design, these ladies have great taste!

Geek Central Station
A wicked little blog for everything crafty and geeky! Super amazeballs!

Tiger Bay Brawlers
My favourite roller derby team!

Fable And Fury
Neo-Victoriana and wayward adornment - super beautiful accessories. Also on Etsy.